Physician Pre-Authorization

One of C³’s most crucial containment tools, our pre-authorization services rely on the expertise of medical specialists to answer specific questions related to utilization of care and claimant treatment plans in workers comp claims.

During the pre-authorization process, C³’s board-certified physician reviewers provide medical, evidence-based determinations on medical necessity and assess the appropriateness of the:

  • Proposed treatment

  • Level of care

  • Length of stay

  • Treatment setting

C³’s pre-authorization services are quick and efficient, giving adjusters the results they need in less time. And our expert panel of board-certified physicians can provide accurate, thorough reports on a wide array of claims to help adjusters successfully contain costs.

The above video features one of C³’s physician panelists Dr. Steven Thornton as he discusses the importance and benefits of utilizing expert pre-authorization services.

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