Now that the COVID-19 quarantine is gradually being lifted, many hospitals and insurance providers are resuming elective procedures that were postponed due to the virus. According to the experts at Healthcare Bluebook, a leading provider of transparency data,

  • 37 states canceled elective procedures during the peak of COVID-19 to conserve beds and resources for infected patients, postponing approximately 30% of all elective procedures across the country.

  • 80% of these procedures are expected to be completed this year.

But at what cost??

When the first wave of this pandemic is behind us, the pent-up patient demand for surgical and procedural care may be immense…”

-American Society of Anesthesiologists and the Association of PeriOperative Registered Nurses

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurers and hospitals will most likely try to recoup their financial losses without regard to appropriate treatment or costs to the employee. After resuming elective procedures, the main patient concern will be “How soon can I get in?” and providers seeking volume will reschedule as quickly as possible, regardless of price. This surge in elective procedures could lead not only to increased volume but also higher prices and premiums as insurers and providers attempt to recover from the COVID-19 quarantine.

Insurance premiums are expected to rise approximately 4%-40% after COVID-19, according to Healthcare Bluebook.

According to a recent poll, approximately 50% of providers say they are ready and have a plan for the post COVID-19 surge. Healthcare Bluebook is focused on matching patients with the most appropriate care at the best cost, emphasizing a hierarchy of procedures and determining which procedures take priority now that the quarantine is over.

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