Board-certified specialists answer specific questions related to utilization of care and claimant treatment plans, compensability and extent of injury issues through comprehensive medical evidence-based assessments of claimant medical records.

Impairment rating reviews ensure that your claimant’s impairment rating meets the standard of the specific guidelines insured specific to the applicable jurisdiction, the statute, and appeals panel decisions.

C3′s licensed and board certified physicians thoughtfully assess mechanisms of injury and provide you with an early evaluation of what is and what does not appear to be compensable.

C3’s professional staff complete the DWC32 and submit the completed form to the adjuster for approval prior to submitting to DWC. We sort and summarize the medical records with special attention and detail related to the questions posed to the Designated Doctor. We ensure records and summary are provided to the Designated Doctor in compliance with DWC rules and regulations. Following the date of the exam, our staff will call the DD’s office, confirm attendance and provide the adjuster status updates during the entire process. If the adjuster is required to submit a 32 form, we can still complete a Claims File Analysis and handle the claim previously discussed.

A summary of a previously compensable injury’s Impairment Rating and the current Impairment Rating as it relates to seeking contribution.

A CFA report provides a comprehensive medical record review; listing all disputes (per PLN-11), a full medical time line, return to work history (per DWC 73), previous DDE’s and RME’s, and a list of references including the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), MDA and Impairment guidelines.

Our board certified and licensed physicians will provide a re-read of a previous diagnostic assessment. A second opinion may be necessary in some circumstances and our physicians will provide an honest and accurate evaluation.

“If we were allowed to only utilize CCC, my life would be so much easier.”

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