Back Injuries

What Adjusters Should Know

Statistically one of the most common compensable injuries in the workplace, back pain accounts for over 20% of workers compensation claims in the U.S. With half a million employees making back injury claims a year, the cost to employers is continuing to increase significantly. Recent data shows that the cost for an employee back injury can be anywhere from $40,000-$80,000, but the average payout from employers is $24,000. While many of these workplace injuries occur in more physically demanding industries such as construction, there are also a surprising number of back pain claims made by employees that spend the majority of their work day sitting at a desk.

This is why it is important for adjusters to understand the various elements of back injuries and how they are treated and compensated in workers compensation claims. Cost containment tools such as Early Compensability Assessments and Diagnostic Re-reads can also offer much-needed clinical insight into these complex claims and help identify key components of a workplace injury to determine what the exact compensable injury is and how it should be treated.

Because back injuries can occur in virtually any workplace situation – and often result in expensive, long-term payouts and disability costs – it is important for adjusters to have a clear and thorough understanding of this compensable injury and how it affects employees and employers.

Part of C³’s complimentary professional development webinar series, this one-hour lecture, hosted by Donald A. Abrams, P.A., covers the basics and components of back injuries. Exploring the physical and clinical aspects of this compensable event, this course gives adjusters the tools and knowledge they need to appropriately assess back injury claims and successfully contain workers comp costs related to these expensive workplace incidents.  

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