I have just returned from the annual conference of the Southern Association of Workers Compensation Administrators (SAWCA). As a clinical professional, I have been involved in several professional clinical organizations. Further, as someone who provides very specific services to a niche industry of workers compensation, there are a number of other professional organizations I associate with. I am more than happy to state that SAWCA is a grand example of what each professional organization should strive to be. The members are collegial, fraternal, approachable, and most helpful. At each session, there is a dialogue of possible solutions to the problems that individual members are facing.

It has been my experience that each of these organizations provides networking opportunities, continuing education, publications and in some instances discounts on products or services that could benefit you individually. What I am hoping you glean from this message is that there are a number of organizations designed for those of us with similar interests, both from a business perspective as well as personal interests. It is within your best self-interest to become a member of that organization you have identified and actively participate in their activities. Find those organizations that best align with your interests and utilize all they have to offer.

Furthermore, I would always encourage you to continue your education, there is always something else to learn. Perhaps a better solution for that nagging problem you are facing? Engage with others and expand your horizons, the benefits are indescribable. And do not forget that each of these organizations continues to advocate for the best interests of your current situation. Utilizing their resources, attending their meetings, active participation in the organization itself can only add to your overall situation.

It is my profound honor to be a member of SAWCA, and given the relationships that I have developed, the insight gained from other individuals, have made my job providing services to my client’s best interests, so much easier. I would encourage you all to discover those organizations that can provide you with the services needed to advance your position.