(n) The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

Those in the construction industry would consider resilience to be the ability of a substance or an object to spring back into shape or elasticity. By any measure, 2020 presented everyone (and I certainly do mean everyone) with challenges and opportunities to bounce back and become more resilient. 2020 has undoubtedly been a difficult year for many, but those in the workers compensation industry know that this year has been particularly challenging for adjusters, employers and insurers all around the country. From the COVID-19 quarantine and its endless implications to ever-changing presumption laws and state regulations, 2020 has tested our resolve as an industry and highlighted the importance of a solid business plan and dedicated workforce. When it comes to maintaining and supporting a business, this pandemic has raised an important question: what exactly goes into an organization that makes them resilient?

In the case of Clinical Compensation Consultants (C³), our resilience was established at the start of our organization 9 years ago, when we first outlined our business model, our business plan and how we were going to execute both. In taking advantage of all the robust technologies available, we established ourselves as a virtual home-office from the onset, emphasizing the importance of accountability and self-starting in the workplace. This work situation helped to foster a mentality of flexibility and durability for all the C³ staff. So, when it came time to quarantine, C³ was uniquely prepared for the isolating work conditions that many others were not accustomed to. Thanks to the proactive efforts of the C³ team and their one-of-a-kind remote office setup, no one skipped a beat when the quarantine was enforced. The challenge, however, came from reaching our many clients who were still adjusting to working away from their offices. To adapt to these unusual circumstances, C³ became certified by the state to teach its complimentary continuing education courses online as live webinars, allowing adjusters to receive their mandated state credits from the comfort of their home offices.

With respect to the hardworking team at Clinical Compensation Consultants, our constant message was understanding the goals of the organization and what we were trying to accomplish and the demonstrated desire to deliver our services irrespective of external forces. This led to a flexibility (and with additional exposure) durability as to our model and how to best employ and deliver services to our customers. At the onset of the pandemic, our customers have asked “what is your business response plan?” And our answer was simple:

“We are in place and have the resources, the technology and the ability to deliver our services in the same timely manner as always.”

Owing to the adaptability and agility of the C³ team, we were ultimately prepared for any eventuality. By working together and filling in wherever, we knew that once the storm had passed it would leave our organization in a much stronger position.

The plans were drawn, the organization was outlined, the team was in place, and we continue to train (and cross train) and communicate with each member across departments. Again, with the utilization of all technologies available it became particularly easy to make sure we maintained face-to-face communication throughout the pandemic.

The result was a team that survives, flourishes, and continues to contribute to the profitability of the organization. In short, the very definition of resilience. Now, more than a year after the virus was first identified and the spread of the disease appeared to be faster than a wildfire, we have returned to our original size and shape and are making aggressive plans for growth in the near future. Sharing the prosperity with each member of the C³ team, we are looking forward to seeing what opportunities for growth and change 2021 holds. Through meaningful participation, solidarity personal growth and perseverance, Clinical Compensation Consultants has proven itself to be a strong and resilient organization in the face of a particularly challenging and unprecedented year.