Although 2020 has been a challenging year for the workers compensation and insurance industries, it has offered valuable insights into the keys to a successful workplace safety program. Looking ahead to 2021, employers and employees should focus on reviewing, updating and optimizing their safety protocols. In a recent article by the National Safety Council, Richard Fairfax remarks on the genesis and procedures of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), a very potent agency that has been setting safety precedents for over 50 years. The safety requirements and issues outlined by OSHA are at the core of the workers compensation industry and directly affect employers and employees in the workplace. We all know that these ground rules can be onerous at times, but OSHA compliance officers are diligent and place emphasis on industries deemed to be especially hazardous, with construction and manufacturing leading the way.

The ten most cited hazards in these industries include:

  • Fall protection (training requirements)

  • Hazard communication

  • Scaffolding

  • Control of hazardous energy

  • Respiratory protection

  • Ladder

  • Powered trucks

  • Machinery

  • Eye/Face protection

All these hazards and citations enumerated by OSHA highlight one simple fact: when it comes to workers compensation, safety is paramount. To enable a safe and successful work environment, employers should take time to examine their company, its goals and what is ultimately required to maintain compliance with safety regulations. As the producers and deliverers of your business’s products and services – and your most valuable asset – employees should always have a safe place to work, driving profits and benefiting all parties involved.

The OSHA web site ( has a number of pages designed to assist you in maintaining safety compliance, with 18 specific employer responsibilities ( that need to be fully understood and implemented as part of your daily activities.

Be sure to visit OSHA’s website regularly to stay up to date on the latest workplace safety news and compliance issues. With the right safety plan and guidance, you can ensure that your employees and your business are protected at all times.